AURAPOL PLA 3D Filament Metallic red 1 kg 1,75 mm

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AURAPOL s.r.o.

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PLA Premium 3D Filament printing string for 3D printers.

  • Made in Czech Republic.
  • This product is made of virgin granulate.
  • It does not contain recycled material or other undesirable additives.


  • String weight 1000 g
  • Length approx. 340 m
  • Diameter 1.75 mm + - 0.02 mm
  • Print temperature 210-230 C
  • Heated bed temperature 40-60 C
  • The spool with string is vacuum packed.
  • Made in Czech Republic

Coil dimensions:

  • Outer diameter 200 mm
  • Shaft bore diameter 55 mm
  • Coil width 70 mm
  • Weight of empty coil 250gr
  • Package dimensions (box): 80 x 230 x 200 mm

PLA (polyactid acid) is a degradable BIO material.

It is very popular for 3D printing and does not produce an odor when printed.

Material advantages:

  • Very easy printing (melting point 175 C, possibility to repeatedly heat without degradation)
  • The material is very hard and tough.
  • Suitable for printing small and large objects with fine details without deformation.
  • Harmless to health.

Disadvantages of the material:

  • above 60 C it loses mechanical strength.
  • not suitable for long-term outdoor use (biodegradability, not resistant to UV radiation.)
Weight 1 kg
String diameter 1.75 mm